14, Aug 2023
About the Greengate Online Shop
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Whether you’re looking for an elegant dinner plate or a new mug, Greengate has something to offer everyone. You can find all the latest designs here, as well as timeless classics like the Mary White series – which evokes the image of delicate daisies blooming under the morning sun. Resource: https://alsaba.de/collections/greengate

Romantic floral print patterns, fine filigree stripe designs, or free ringel ornaments – all contribute to the overall impression of Greengate, which is one of elegance, Nordic style, and freshness. The harmonies and pleasant calmness that emanate from Danemark are also captured in the products, which makes them a natural choice for any table setting.

Unveiling the Beauty of GreenGate’s Handcrafted Homeware

The Greengate designers, Mona and Jesper B Christensen choose their designs from a unique archive with thousands of floral motifs from France from the 19th Century. These serve as the basis for the semi-annual collections. Depending on the season, new nuances are added or existing motifs are further refined and adapted to suit the trends.

The result is a wide range of plates, mugs, and other tableware that can be mixed and matched in various ways. The possibilities are endless, and it’s a great pleasure to put together a coordinated table that gives the atmosphere you want at home. And don’t forget to take a look at the Greengate Sale, where you can pick up small works of art for your kitchen at a reduced price.

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