13, Dec 2023
Breast MRI
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Breast MRI

RMN Mamar, detailed pictures of organs and structures within the body without using radiation. In addition, it can detect changes in tissue over time. This helps doctors decide if the area of interest is cancerous or not, and whether it is growing faster or slower than normal.

The test is painless. You will lie on a padded table with openings in it for your breasts, and the table will slide into an MRI machine that looks like a donut or a tunnel. The radiologist or technologist will help you position yourself on the table. You will be asked to hold still and breathe calmly. Movement can interfere with the quality of the images. The radiologist or technologist can speak to you through an intercom and will tell you when it is okay to move.

Clearing the Fog: Insights into RMN Mamar (Breast MRI) and Its Importance

You may be given a contrast dye through an intravenous (IV) line in your hand or arm. The dye can highlight certain areas of your breasts or blood vessels and make them easier to see on the MRI scan. You will be given saline at first, then a special dye called gadolinium.

Breast MRI is used in women who have a lump or other abnormality that does not show up on a mammogram, ultrasound, or CT scan. It is also used to find the location of a breast cancer that has spread to lymph nodes in the armpit, or to another part of the chest. It can also help doctors decide if an area of concern is cancerous or not, and it can be used to guide biopsy.

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