12, Jul 2023
Diesel Tuning Mackay – How a Tune Can Make a Difference to the Way Your Truck Drives
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diesel tuning mackay

If you have an old diesel tune brisbane diesel, it’s a good idea to get your rig tuned. A tune can make a big difference to the way your truck drives, from reliability and economy to getting you over that last hill.

The biggest modification most people will go with is a quality exhaust system. This creates less back pressure in the exhaust, meaning that your engine can use its power more efficiently. It also helps to reduce the temperatures in the combustion process which increases efficiency.

Another thing that can really add some extra oomph to your older diesel is the addition of an injection pump boost controller. This allows you to push a lot more fuel into your engine at lower RPM levels. This translates to more power and quicker acceleration.

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One of the great things about this type of mod is that it can be done by a professional with no risk of any damage to your engine or injectors. It’s also a fairly inexpensive option with the dyno time and tune costing around the $500 mark.

If you’re looking for a quick and affordable way to increase your diesel engine performance, then a flash diesel is the best option for you. The team at Flash Diesel has the knowledge and experience to help you get more power and torque out of your truck, while decreasing the amount of fuel it consumes. They use Alientech tuning technology to achieve the best results. Their modules intercept signals from the FRP and MAP sensors, manipulate them, and then pass them on to your ECM. This leaves the factory safety parameters intact and ensures your warranty stays valid.

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