17, Jun 2022
Exactech Knee Recall Lawsuit
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Exactech Knee Recall Lawsuit

If you’ve recently had a knee replacement, you may have the right to file an Exactech Knee Recall Lawsuit. If your knee replacement caused you pain or increased risk of complications, you may be entitled to compensation. You’ve probably heard a lot of horror stories about revision surgery, but these are not always the case. If you’ve experienced problems after your procedure, you may be eligible to receive a large settlement.

Questions About Your Medical Treatment


The manufacturer of the Exactech knee replacement system has recalled all knee and ankle replacement systems after discovering a defect in the plastic inserts. If your surgery resulted in premature failure, you may be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer. Even if you didn’t have the surgery performed in the U.S., you can contact a local attorney to determine your eligibility. You should seek legal advice from a medical device recall attorney if you have questions about your medical treatment.

An Exactech knee replacement law suit may be a viable option for you if you’re suffering from painful knees. The company recalled more than 140,000 total knee replacement systems due to a manufacturing defect. During the revision process, the company failed to maintain quality control, allowing oxygen to diffuse into the plastic implant insert. This oxidation can lead to premature failure of the implanted component.

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