27, Dec 2023
How to Identify VOIP Numbers
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With VoIP technology becoming more streamlined, it is common for businesses to get calls from non-traditional numbers. While this is great for SMEs, it can be difficult to identify who is calling. This article discusses how to identify VOIP numbers and ways to avoid calls from people you don’t want to talk to.

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Unlike traditional phone numbers, VoIP phone numbers can be displayed on caller ID. This makes it easier for consumers to decide whether to pick up the phone or not. Depending on the VoIP service, caller ID can also be used to block calls from specific numbers. To enable incoming caller ID, users must navigate to their account settings or the main menu on their VoIP device. Once this feature is activated, if the caller’s name is saved in the device’s contacts or if the service checks online databases for caller ID information, it will display that name on the screen of the VoIP user when they receive a call.

Despite the ease of using VoIP numbers, there are some people who choose to use this service for malicious purposes. This is due to the anonymity offered by VoIP phones and the ability for people to change their caller IDs to mask their identity. If you think you have received spam, prank or threatening calls from someone using a VOIP number, you can report the call to your service provider. They can then check the caller’s IP address, domain and provider to identify the caller.

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