2, Sep 2023
Mens Gym Gear – How to Kickstart Your Workout Resolutions
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The right gym gear men can help you kickstart (and stick to) your workout resolutions and hit those killer reps like a pro. The key is to choose pieces that are optimised for the type of exercise you plan to do: running, high-intensity interval training or yoga are all different activities that require specific clothing.

For example, loose running clothes aren’t ideal for lifting as excess fabric can be a hinderance but tight, flexible pants can prevent chafing and rashes. It’s also worth choosing a material that wicks moisture away from the skin, so lightweight, organic cotton or smart nylon options are great for gym wear as they help with breathing and cooling during sweaty sessions.

There’s a lot of choice in the men’s gym wear market, from classic sportswear brands to new innovators. A lot of newer brands are prioritising aesthetics, so look out for fresh colours and cuts in addition to technical properties. If you’re looking for a combination of both, try brands like Outdoor Voices, which offers functional, stylish activewear that ticks all the boxes.

Elevate Your Workout Style: A Guide to Stylish Gym Tops for Men

Or, you could pick a more fashion-forward option like Gymshark, the UK’s fastest growing fitness brand. This innovative label has completely transformed modern gym attire, and their range is sortable by area of the gym, lifting or general fitness so you can get the most out of your session. They also offer a variety of fits to cater for bulkier bodybuilder frames too.

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