22, Jul 2022
My College Closed After I Graduated
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my college closed after i graduated

When you hear the words “my college closed after I graduated,” you may be wondering how to respond. It’s a common problem among students who can’t find a job after graduating from a school. There are many ways to approach the situation, from finding a new one to pursuing a career change. If you’ve been one of those students, you’re not alone. Many former students have found themselves in similar circumstances.

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One option is to get your financial aid refund. Most schools enter into teach-out agreements with nearby colleges. For example, Holy Family College entered into fifteen of these agreements. These agreements allow Holy Family College students to complete their degree at another institution, retain their credits, and avoid the closed school discharge. The federal student aid website provides information on specific school closures and the options available to students. You can also visit the Office of Student Assistance and Relief to see what options you have if your college closes.

Another option is loan consolidation or loan rehabilitation. Each has its pros and cons. Obviously, if you graduated before the school closed, you won’t qualify for a discharge, but you may still be able to get a discharge of your student loans. A borrower defense to repayment is an option you can explore if you graduated before your school closed. However, you should be aware of any restrictions associated with this option.

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