21, Oct 2021
Taiwan Series: Taiwan Expats in Saipan
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The Saipan Tribune, sometimes called the Sunflower Press, is a weekly newspaper distributed to the residents of Saipan, Taiwan. It is primarily a recreational and informative paper. This paper has offices in the following areas: Tinosa, Makong, and Paikinese. The main focus of the newspaper is the island of Saipan, and it explores topics that deal with everyday life on the island. The Tailem Bendu Monthly, the longest running daily newspaper in Taipei, is also published by the same company.

The Saipan Tribunary is a non-profit organization that disseminates information and promotes awareness on issues of cultural heritage and history in Taiwan, Japan, and other Asian countries. The paper’s core purpose is to inform, educate, and entertain its readers. It is widely read and one of the best known publications in southern China. The establishment was established in 2003 as a joint project of the Oriental Press Association and the Oriental Society.

The Tailem Bendu Monthly is published weekly and deals with current affairs, entertainment, business, education, and travel. It is popular to locals and tourists alike. The International Business Bureau of the Taiwanese National Archives and Government retains all rights to the Garapan column. The main subject matter of the Garapan column includes government and commerce affairs, international trade and industry, and economy and finance.

The Garapan column focuses on the economic development of the area, as well as the contributions of immigrants to the local economy. The Tailem Bendu Monthly explores the cultural and entertainment scenes in the region, and the significance of migration to Taiwanese culture and lifestyle. Tourists are kept apprised with the latest happenings at the garment factories of Saipan, as well as in other Chinese cities such as Kaifeng, Shenyang and Huiling. There is also a regular news report on Taiwan expats living in Saipan, and they are interviewed by local correspondents.

The New Taiwan News daily provides up to date reports on Taiwan’s domestic and foreign policy, along with government and commerce developments. The fifth issue of the quarterly magazine brings out an internationally acclaimed feature on Taiwan’s garment factories. It is the only magazine that presents a take a look at Taiwan’s garment industry. The article examines both the Taiwanese perspective and that of foreign contractors working in these factories. The Taiwanese focus is on issues of integration and tourism, while the foreign contractors’ focus is mainly on operating in the country.

The Economic News daily carries out a weekly report on Taiwan and China economy. It highlights the significance of economic globalization and discusses new trends and developments in both economies. The Economic News takes the views of both Taiwanese and mainland Chinese, and looks at the different paths that these two nations could take forward. The fifth issue of this weekly newspaper carries an interview with Dr Maosong Chen of JKD Consultant, a Chinese garment factory that built its products in Taiwan before its entry into the Chinese market.

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