23, Dec 2023
The Best Cold Press Juicer UK
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best cold press juicer uk

Juicing is a great way to start the day – it’s also an easy way to get your five-a-day. Unlike shop-bought juices which can have added sugar, a home juicer will give you fresh, healthy, whole food ingredients. The best cold press juicer uk will take up minimal space on your kitchen worktop and make high-quality, nutritious juices.This link:ukjuicers.com

Unlike centrifugal juicers, which use blades to extract the liquid, a slow juicer grinds up your fruit and vegetables into a pulp that’s much easier to digest. While this takes a bit longer than a centrifugal machine, it means that your juice is packed with more nutrients. It’s also less likely to froth up and is better at handling leafy greens than a centrifugal model.

Sip Smart: The Top Cold Press Juicers Making Waves in the UK Market

If you’re new to juicing, we recommend starting with a small, budget-friendly model. The Philips MicroMasticating juicer is a compact space saver and, as well as delivering a top-notch juice yield, it’s also easy to clean – all the parts are dishwasher-safe. We noticed that it struggled with dense, hard produce but, aside from this, it’s a fantastic buy.

The Identity Spin is a mid-range option that’s easy to use and comes with a helpful recipe book full of ideas for tasty drinks. Its two chutes (one wide enough for a whole apple and one just the right size for carrots) mean that you don’t need to spend much time prepping ingredients. We liked that its motor didn’t overheat and the jug lid is anti-drip, too, which helps with cleaning up.

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