7, Mar 2023
The Best Custom Defender Builders
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There are a number of companies out there churning out the best custom made or converted vehicles on the market. Some of the top names include Orlando-based Safari HP, Florida’s ECO Automotive Design (formerly East Coast Defender) and New Mexico’s Heritage Driven, just to name a few.

Why is the Defender so popular?

E.c.d. automotive design Most of these specialized builders focus on one of the many models of the Land Rover Defender, from the base model 90 to the all-new 110 and 130. Some have opted to go all-out by building custom vehicles from the ground up, while others offer one-stop shopping with their complete line of luxury products.

The best of the rest are companies that do it all. From frame-up big wig restorations to the latest in performance upgrades and modern safety technology, these companies have you covered from A to Z.

Make your next adventure the talk of the town with a custom Defender built by one of these top-notch companies.

The following vetted, hand-picked and screened companies have you covered from A to Z!

By the end of your search, you will have a Land Rover that is ready to take on anything, from your local bluff to your upcoming overseas trip.

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