29, Mar 2023
The Jaguar E Type
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The jaguar etype replica redefined people’s expectations of what could be expected from a relatively affordable sports car. With race-car handling and a potential 150mph, it rightly defined a generation and became the de facto classic car.

Designed and built by William Heynes, Technical Director of Jaguar, it was also the first production car to be fitted with independent rear suspension. This revolutionised the way cars were made, as it removed the need for expensive struts and shock absorbers.

Power output was down on the US market to 245 bhp but still competitive, and air conditioning was an option. It was also the first E-type to feature power-assisted rack and pinion steering, which was derived from the new Jaguar XJ6 saloon.

Jaguar E-Type vs. Porsche 911: A Classic Sports Car Showdown

The brakes in the original E-type are exceptional, with 11-inch discs at the front (mounted in the wheels) and 10-inch discs at the rear servo-assisted by a large capacity Dunlop booster. The system is so powerful that it enables retardation in the presence of significant wheel spin with no risk of pulling the car during repeated crash stops following acceleration runs with below-minimum pull-up distance.

Oil Consumption

With all the power the XK engine produces, we found average oil consumption to be one quart per 112 miles. This is a fairly typical figure for a hard-working E-type and even more so with the Mk IX.
The E-type was never an incredibly fast car, but it did get the job done in a way that was more than acceptable for a time when the world was in the grip of an oil crisis. It was a great car to drive, with superb handling and a smooth, comfortable ride.

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