21, Oct 2021
UFOs Abound – John Stanford’s MUFRA Extraterrestrial Phenomenon
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The film John Stewart: The Master of Disguise was one of my personal favorite films from the 1990s. Though the plot is far from original, it did manage to be a hilarious comedy with an unforgettable lead character ( Stewart), and a slew of hilarious supporting characters. Many of the film’s memorable scenes are re-watchable today, and a few of the films best moments include the car chase scene and the “what does John Stewart know” bit at the end where he gets squirted by the car he crashes into. The plot, while not especially original, is still a classic, and if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it.

John Stewart is an oilfield worker who works for drilling company Krickel. He has been given a mission to disguise himself and go on a mission in search of a UFO. On his way, he chases a UFO that he believes belongs to some space aliens. Along the way, he meets a bunch of other characters, some of whom are better known than he is. Some of their exploits include John Stewart’s friend Gail Hunter (Karen Allen).

The movie begins with John Stewart driving down a country road, looking for places he can look for ” UFO’s.” He passes a sign which says ” sighting the UFO’s here! “, and starts driving further away from town. Suddenly, the car breaks down and John Stewart finds himself in a motel room with no means of transportation.

Searching for a way out, he gets himself a ride out of the motel and takes a chance on meeting another strange character named Curt Grant (Buddy Ebsen), who happens to be an insurance man. The two start traveling together, but things don’t go so smoothly as they expected. The two are captured by a group of armed men who want to find out what they know about the UFO. John Stewart manages to get away and helps the others get out of the motel.

Incidentally, this is where the film starts to lose its credibility. We see a number of bizarre things taking place, some of them unbelievable. One of the more absurd scenes involves John Stewart being held prisoner in a small house with no windows and no means of communication, let alone a telephone. All these scenes combined with the strange character and his constant monologues about how the government is covering up some UFO sightings makes this film almost laughable.

John Stewart is played by Tim Matheson, who is not exactly an exciting actor. However, he does play a good part, especially in the final scenes when John ends up freeing himself and helping the other characters get out of the motel. This film is a fun action film with lots of hilarious one-liners. People are not going to forget this movie anytime soon. The Internet has made it available to people all over the world and it hasn’t lost its popularity even though the movie was released 20 years ago.

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