Videographer Salary in Regina

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After a month of criticism, regina videographer  and international media attention, the organization that promotes tourism in Regina is pulling the plug on its controversial rebranding campaign. The board of the Regina Exhibition Association Limited has announced that it will rename itself back to Tourism Regina and reactivate its website and social media channels. It will also seek a review by an independent third-party, REAL president Paul Morsky said Thursday.

The move comes after a public backlash that included a viral song about the city and a number of slogans with sexual innuendos that many people found sexist or inappropriate. One slogan suggested that the capital of Saskatchewan is a place where visitors can experience a city that rhymes with genitalia, referencing an off-key joke about Regina’s name.

Visual Chronicles: Capturing Memories with a Skilled Videographer in Regina”

Regina Lepping is a freelance creative and documentary photographer and filmmaker with a passion for community advocacy, youth activism and cultural preservation. She has a diverse background spanning photography, videography, writing and podcasting. She also has a passion for travel, volunteering and the arts.

On average, a Videographer earns around 100,700 CAD per year. This salary can vary greatly based on location, skills, education, gender and more. The average salary for male Videographers is higher than the average female videographer salary, though there are still some discrepancies. This is likely due to the fact that men often take on more risky and challenging roles than women in the industry. However, it is important to note that this does not mean that women cannot be successful as videographers in Regina.


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