15, Aug 2022
Why Choose China for Your Wholesale Jewelry Manufacturing Business?
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wholesale jewelry manufacturing

There are many reasons to choose China for wholesale jewelry manufacturing. Compared to the USA, China has more skilled workers and more advanced machinery, which results in a higher-quality product with a nice finish. In addition, China has more diversity than the US when it comes to products that are sold in retail stores. With over 112 million people in the manufacturing sector in 2018, China is now one of the most important countries for jewelry businesses. Moreover, the number of Chinese wholesalers has grown from eighty million in 2002 to fifteen million in 2017.

Wholesale Jewelry Manufacturing Business

Women are the most common target market for jewelry manufacturers, so you must choose jewelry that will appeal to them. Rings, pendants, and charm bracelets are the most common types of jewelry with US wholesalers. If you’d like to target a more mature market, you’ll need to create unique and stylish pieces, such as retro alloy bracelets. Once you’ve determined who your target market is, you’ll be better equipped to decide which type of jewelry to manufacture.

A well-established wholesale jewelry manufacturing company has developed long-term relationships with luxury brand jewelry retailers and produces unique jewelry pieces. Branded jewelry sales have historically reflected differentiation within the high-end market. Going forward, this trend should continue. Unlike a traditional manufacturer, an established wholesale jewelry manufacturing company can produce your jewelry from design to finished production. In addition, they’re also a member of the Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America.

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